About us


For Decades, we have been following the same approach as the founder /Dr. Bakr bin Abdul Ghani al-Sayegh of honesty, sincerity and dedication used in the gold and jewelry trade and industry, with the experience of his ancestors.


We have been granted the first license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the trade of gold and the manufacture of all kinds of jewels (License No. 1). As we stand in respect in the history,  we value your love and respect and trust, which drives us to always sit on top of the summit. Only increase dedication to your satisfaction and bring joy and pleasure to your good souls. We have a great history and original origin, purely 

"Abdul Ghani The Grate House of gold and ancient jewelry" a name has a history ...

"We work for you, we are you and proud of being you"



To be the first choice for our customers locally and regionally through taste, creativity and diversity



We seek to satisfy the expectations of our customers and our markets with products and services of high value, high-taste, and combined both historical and modern design With competitive prices through  qualified staff with the latest industry and display technologies


Leadership: always we keep our Excellence in our field to keep pace with everything new

Credibility : we are committed to standards and add to it because our client expresses us

creativity: we create  and look for everything new in order to satisfy the expectations of our customers


At the social level: active participation in community development and job creation for Saudi youth

At the commercial level: We devote our efforts to satisfy our customers not only by listening to their requests and understanding their expectations but striving to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, competitive prices, and on time delivery

At the technical level:
Maintain the technical specifications of all our jewelry and improve through modernizing the equipment to follow up technical and technological developments in the world of gold and jewelry